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Room47 is a Belgian band born in 2018, composed of Thomas Moon and Roscoe Deem.

The way music has evolved over the last couple of decades is the inspiration for their sound filled with uplifting melodic arrangements and a touch of nostalgia. 


The amalgamation of all these different influences gives Room47 a singular sound present in more than one specific genre. Their music can best be described as melodic progressive house, trance with a touch of loving techno!



Room47 Pigments
Room47 - Pigments
Room47 - Naturall Frequency, Space Runners.
Room47 - Space Runners
Room47 - Saturday One
Room 47 - Kitu Records Artist Series
Room47 - As the World Stands Still
Room47 - Momentum
Room47 - Remedy
Room47 - Too Late
donnerstag & Room47 - My Own Truth
Room47 - Twins
Room47 - Twins
Room47 - Going To kazantip
Room47 - Going to Kazantip (Original Mix
Room47 - Running in circles.
Room47 - Runningis Circles
Room47 - Untiteld EP
We Love Acid ft. Evi Jo
Untitled Accident
Room47 - Dream Universe
CM - Dream Universe
Room47 - Sunset something
Sunset Something
Room47 - Gift to the Gods
Room47_Gift To the Gods - [44.1k-16b] -
Room47 - Uncharted territory
Room47_Uncharted Territory - [44.1k-16b]
Room47 - Dreamworlds are essential
Room47_Dreamworlds Are Essential
Room47- Addicts
Room47_Addicts In The Attic feat. Evi Jo
Room47 - Belgian blues
Room47_Belgian Blues
Room47 - Hallow
Room 47 - 100% Melda
Room47 - Hallow
Room47- Garden of madness
Room47 - Garden of Madness
Room47- H.A.N
Room47 - H.A.N.
Room47 - Spooky action at a distance
Room47 - At a distance
Room47 - Spooky Action
without you.jpg
The Mackenzie - Without you (Room47 Rmx).m
Room47 - El Dorado
Room47 - El Dorado
Room47 - Crimson EP
Room47 - Evolution
Room47 - Doorbraak
Room47 - Space Kadett
Room47 - Atlantis
Room47 - Atlantis
Room47 - Night train to Mumbai
Room47_Night Train To Mumbai